Hand Cellphone (Cellular Phone)

Telepon seluler (ponsel) atau telepon genggam (telgam) atau handphone (HP) atau disebut pula adalah perangkat telekomunikasi elektronik yang mempunyai kemampuan dasar yang sama dengan telepon konvensional saluran tetap, namun dapat dibawa ke mana-mana (portabel, cell) dan tidak perlu disambungkan dengan jaringan telepon menggunakan kabel (nirkabel; wireless). In the meantime, Skudai Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Electrical Engineering senior lecturer Dr Kamaludin Mohamad Yusof attributed the incident to electromagnetic discipline (EMF) produced when the handphone’s signal is related to the telecommunication company’s substation system.

Observe 2: A copy of the trade customary might, at the time of making this instrument, be obtained for a charge from SAI Global Pty Restricted’s website at or may be seen at an office of the ACMA on request and subject to licensing circumstances.

Cellphones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, which some consider may be harmful to human well being. Alone with the baby, Mr Shiddiq was taking part in a football sport on his mobile phone while feeding Reyhana together with his left hand when she began struggling.

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