Latest Computer Technology Present in 2018

As you know, man-made technology will continue to grow. Similarly, the sophistication of computer devices that also continue to follow the development of electronic technology. The computer that once was a device the size of a room, now evolved into a handheld electronic device.

In 2018 later of course many technology companies, especially in the field of computing that will issue their latest technology. The goal is none other than to meet the needs of an increasingly complex society. With the latest computer technology is expected to improve performance and efficiency when working, studying, and for entertainment facilities.


Here are some of the latest computer technologies that will be present in 2018

Operating system

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

As per tradition on the Ubuntu operating system, April and October each year always release the latest version. Especially in 2018 later in April, Canonical as the developer of Ubuntu re-released the latest Ubuntu operating system is 18.04 LTS. This version is the LTS (Long Term Support) series which is a version that gets official support for five years.

In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system is planned to return to using the GNOME 3 desktop environment. The last few series, Ubuntu always use the desktop environment Unity. This is because Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is more focused on desktop platforms, cloud computing, and an internet of things.


Windows 10 1803

Microsoft continues to fix its flagship operating system, Windows 10. At the beginning of 2018 later, Windows 10 will get the latest update codenamed Redstone 4. Possibility, the 1803 version is the last major update that uses the codename Redstone. Some of the improvements included in this version of 1803 are improvements to inputs, improved boot and gaming performance, and optimization on some applications.


Application Program

Microsoft Office 2019

Who is not familiar with Microsoft Office application program? Mid-year 2018 later, Microsoft will re-release the latest series of office applications is Office 2019 with codename Office 17. Series that are in the development phase is planned for the platform Windows 7 to Windows 10.

The features included in Office 2019 include all Office 365 features, stylus pen support, animation features, new formulas, and diagrams.


Microarchitecture Technology

Intel Cannonlake Architecture

Intel Corporation will present the latest x86-64 processor architecture technology codenamed Cannonlake which is planned to be released in 2018. Cannonlake architecture is a continuation of Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake architecture that has been released in 2017. In the fabrication stage of Intel, Cannonlake entered in execution plan “Process”.

Due to the “Process” plan, the Cannonlake architecture will be produced using a much smaller fabrication technology than the previous architecture of 10 nm. Unlike the Coffee Lake or Kaby Lake are still produced with 14 nm fabrication technology as it is a refinement of the previous architecture (Skylake). However, Cannonlake will still use the same processor socket with Coffee / Kaby Lake LGA 1151.

Cannonlake will use the Intel 300 series chipset. Intel processors with Cannonlake architecture have TDP (Thermal Design Power) up to 95 W. For mobile devices, Cannonlake limits TDP to 15 W. Some features to include in the Cannonlake architecture include

Instructions AVX-512

10th generation Intel GPU

USB 3.1 2nd generation

Thunderbolt Support 3.0

Integrated audio device

It is estimated that the 10 nm fabrication technology is the smallest limit in semiconductor production using silicon materials. Going forward, Intel will continue to develop much more sophisticated fabrication technology with different materials.


Architecture AMD Zen 2 (Zen +)

After the success of the Ryzen processor series, AMD will again bring technology architecture with the code name Zen + and Zen 2. One of the features to be included in the Zen 2 architecture is the increase of IPC (Instruction Per Core). What’s interesting about AMD Zen 2 is the use of 7 nm manufacturing technology. Zen 2 architecture is planned to be present at the end of 2018. Unfortunately, the processor that uses this architecture is likely to be marketed in 2019.

The Zen + architecture is a revised version of the previous architecture (Zen). AMD developed this architecture with 12 nm technology. Processors using this architecture are expected to slide into the market in mid-2018.


The architecture of Nvidia Volta

2018 tomorrow, Nvidia as one of the developers of GPU technology (Graphic Processor Unit) will re-release the latest GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) architecture codenamed Volta. This architecture is planned to be produced by TSMC company with 12 nm manufacturing technology.

Some of the features to be included in the Volta architecture are among others

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) 2

NVLink 2.0 support

Tensor cores


Memory Technology

DDR5 RAM memory

Although DDR4 RAM memory is not too much-used computer users, some time to come will present the latest RAM memory technology that is DDR5. The plan, JEDEC as a standardization body of flash memory technology will release the DDR5 RAM memory specification in 2018.

DDR5 RAM will offer improved performance with better efficiency than DDR4 RAM. DDR5 technology will increase the amount of RAM memory bandwidth. This will certainly further improve the performance of computing on the server or client platform. In addition, DDR5 will also be very efficient in power consumption. With the sophistication of current manufacturing technology will make DDR5 can achieve a much larger memory capacity.


If you know the VGA Card will certainly know with VRAM (Video RAM). Currently, VRAM generally has some type of memory that is GDDR3, GDDR5, GDDR5X, and HBM (High Bandwidth Memory). In 2018, some memory manufacturers such as Samsung, Micron, and Hynix will release graphics memory with new technology that is GDDR6.

Not much different from DDR5 technology, GDDR6 will also come with improved performance and better efficiency. VRAM GDDR6 will be manufactured with 21 nm fabrication technology so as to achieve the capacity of 8 Gb or 1 GB per chip. Bandwidth generated per chip can reach 16 Gbps. The memory consumption of GDDR6 VRAM is estimated to be 10% more efficient than the previous technology (GDDR5).

That’s some of the latest computer technology that will be present in 2018. Now it’s time you prepare to welcome the technology in the market. In the future, surely the latest computer technology will appear much more sophisticated. Do not forget to keep updating your knowledge of the latest and most advanced computer technology by visiting websites or reading computer magazines.